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I got my newest addition to my disney fairies collection the other day...Lily! She's from the books, not the movie and her character is said to be a garden fairy, she has a v deep understanding of plants and knows when they're sad etc in the books.

The doll is so cuuuute! She has big, butterfly shaped wings and a dress with a skirt which is like leaf shapes...as she's agarden fairy I think. She has kind of french knicker type things underneath and her wings are attached to the dress, rather than to her so you can change her outfit. She has a plastic sort of decoration on her head which is tied under her chin like a hat...i don't know if this is meant to be a plant decoration, to go with the garden theme but you can remove it and her hair is up underneath, it's all very small, tight curls and it's so cuuuuuuuute! V v happy with her and can't wait to start writing/acting out my fanfiction/role play!

My other two disney fairies I have are Irredessa and Silvermist, both from the movie. They are the disney ones, so have wings too which detach, so you can change their outfits then reattach the wings. Irredessa has a silky top and skirt like a schoolgirl outfit. , her wings curl outwards at the top and her hair is pulled up v tightly in a bun type style on top of her head. In the movies, she is the best student in fairy school.

silvermist is a water fairy in the movie and is the peacemaker...she has a very calming nature and often is the one who makes peace when Tinkerbell and Irredessa argue. The doll has straight wings this time and she is wearing a v long, silky, aquamarine dress to go with the water theme. Her hair is down and v long and straight and she has shoes too there was a ribbon on the box holding it together which can be used for her hair, though I dont' know if that was its original purpose but never mind lol!

I hope to pick up more soon, I'll write about them and when I do my fanfiction/roleplays, I'll put them up here.

God bless,
Love Bubbles and Star xxx

Doll Collection: Teresa!


I first came across the jewel Mermaid Teresa in a shop with mum when I was about 10...I got all these ideas about what character I'd give her but didnt' end up getting her! However, I found her on Amazon lately so I got her...13 years since I first saw her but def worth the wait!

she's got hair which is actually longer than she is...she's 20 CM but her hair I'd say is about 25 lol! She has a tiara in it and earings in too. She has atop and skirt and a mermaid tail which you can take off, so she can be either mermaid or human, like the Ariel dolls. She has shoes and a comb with her and she also has little paper stars with velcrow backs, which you can stick on her fish tail! :)

I think you could put the stars in her hair if you want, but they might take her hair with them when you take them out! XD ... hse has a necklace and ring too1

I'm so so glad I finally got her and if I do some fanfiction role play with them, you can see what I think she'd be like! ;)

God bless,
Love Bubbles and Star xxx

Bath and Body Collection: New additions

hey guys,

I was at the body shop the day I met my two mates in Edinburgh between Christmas and new year and they had a sale on so I got a few new things.


I got the cranberry body butter again, the small one. You can get the small 50 ML ones or the big...I think it's 150 ML ones but the big ones can be expensive.

They didnt' have the body polish so I got the pommegranite one instead...it's scent is kind of like pear and melon mixed but there's musk or something in it too I think. I got a cranberry bath fizz too which will be fun to use! They're the big round things you put in the bath and they dissolve and either fizz or make bubbles. I got a soap too.


I got the strawberry shower gel...I got one for Mum ages ago and it is really sweet so I got one for myself too this time. I also got the new moringa shower gel...it's made from the flowers of the Moringa tree or "tree of life" in India and it's got a really great floral fragrance! I bought a coconut set too with shower gel and body lotion (the miniature ones) as coconut is always so so good! ^_^
That's all for now, back soon.

God bless,
love Bubbles and Star xxx

First, welcome to my collections community! This is for info on all my different passtimes, details on each item in them and on new ones I get etc. The only rule in this community is respect for other people's beliefs and hobbies: if the collections I, or any one else who is granted posting access describes, are not to your taste then please either skip those entries or just be very polite about it. any disrespectful comments will be dleted and the person banned from the community.

Now that's out of the way, I'll start with my disney girl collection! I've been writing about this in my lj before I created this community but I will transfer the articles over. First though, here is the description of my fourth disney girl which I haven't put up anywhere yet:
Esmeralda!Collapse )

There you go, I'll be back soon with more on this and my other collections too! :d

God bless,
Love Bubbles and guide dog Star xxx